Judging Wella Trend Vision: North American Edition

This weekend, colorists from all over the world will be vying for the top titles at the 2010 International Trend Vision Awards in Paris. If you, like me, can't make it out to Paris, Wella invites you to watch the live webcast at http://www.liveventwella.com/.

But in order for North America's cream of the crop from Canada and the U.S. to compete, they had to first duke it out in Toronto, Canada—and I was one of the judges!

As the sole beauty editor on hand to judge the competition (my fellow judges Nick Arrojo, Frank Marasco of Touch of Class Salon, Wella Professionals lead color ambassador Aura Friedman and Sassoon Academy creative director Nhi An all have cutting, coloring or both skill sets in spades), my plan of action became to simply look at what would work and what wouldn’t for an editorial shoot. (Side note: Entrants are initially judged on how their hair design reads in an editorial-style photo.)


Day Two of judging: The models strike a pose.


On the first day of judging, held at the Marvel Beauty School in Toronto, stylists spent several grueling hours cutting and coloring their models for the big reveal during the show the following day. Snake-winding my way through row after row of colorists and stylists, I watched as some etched a geometric step into a nearly shorn head, or  transformed blonde locks into a rainbow of carefully placed mints, periwinkles and cotton candy pinks. Though I wasn’t allowed to talk to the contestants, I definitely had my frontrunners in mind.


Wella Professionals lead color ambassador Aura Friedman and I after the tough judging!


But as Day Two rolled around, I wondered if the total head-to-toe look would completely change my initial opinion. Stylists are responsible for picking wardrobe, makeup and accessories to fully explain their view of the Trend Vision trends they are emulating. Would all of these elements be successfully re-imagined to reflect that person’s chosen trend: Nature’s Goddess, Techno Poetry, Midnight Stage or Nomad Couture? In the end, the visions created ran the gamut, but these four truly took my breath away: Eric Wennberg's rendition of Techno Poetry—a flossy pastel blonde underscored with salmon tones (he won for US Color Category); Mark Debolt's reimagining of Midnight stage—an inky bob paired with smoky black eyes (he clenched US Young Talent); Kelly Ferreira's cotton-candy toned blonde for Techno Poetry (she took the gold for Canadian Color Category); and Erin Wall's otherworldly mesh of mint green, blush and flaxen blonde for Techno Poetry (she clenched the gold for Canadian Young Talent). Below a list of all the winners. Congratulations to all!

US Color Category

Bronze: Leonard Golonka, Dieci Salon, Linvingston, NJ for Techno Poetry

Silver: Amy Nilles, Mario Tricoci Salons, Naperville, IL for Techno Poetry

Gold: Eric Wennberg, Coupe Rokei Salon, Seattle, WA for Techno Poetry


Canadian Color Category

Bronze: Chelsea Renaud, Texture Hair Salon & Spa, Ottowa for Nomad Couture

Silver: Guillaume Fafard, SociѐtѐBeautѐ, St. Bruno, PQ for Techno Poetry

Gold: Kelly Ferreira, Reshaped Hair Salon, Milton, Ont for Techno Poetry


US Young Talent

Bronze: Brenton Lee, Salon Sessions Studio, Pasadena, CA for Midnight Stage

Silver: Ruth Riva, Salon Sessions Studio, Pasadena, CA for Nomad Couture

Gold: Mark Debolt, Tres Jolie Salon, St. Minneapolis, MN for Midnight Stage


Canadian Young Talent

Bronze: Mujda Sultani, Hair Xtacy, Burlington, Ont for Nomad Couture

Silver: Jade Francoeur-Cloutier, Miuz Equipe Crѐative, Trois-Rivieres, Que for Techno Poetry

Gold: Erin Wall, The Head Room, St. John’s, New Foundland for Techno Poetry

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