Viva Las Vegas!

Me and Oribe

I'm still winding down from this weekend's Oribe Backstage event, where I was whisked away to Las Vegas' Hard Rock Hotel and Casino to celebrate the annual education/inspiration spectacle.

To briefly recap: Stylists partied hard at Rehab Pool, danced the night away at Vanity nightclub with Cee Lo Green (where I felt like a 25-year-old woman going on 80, as I wasn't able to stay up until 1:45am to watch him perform....I know, don't rub it in, I feel lame enough already), partook in a full day of education at the Owner's Forum, enjoyed a breathtaking evening of Oribe's latest creations, and concluded the weekend with a hands-on event where they got to re-imagine and re-create some of Oribe's stunning--and a bit shocking--looks. [see images below]

I'll go into greater detail on the event itself and my one-on-one interview with Oribe in our August issue, but here's the gist of it, and what I took away from this fabulously busy weekend: Be original. Be yourself. Always think out of the box. It is through exploring our creativity where we find inspiration. True, you need to know how to create mainstream looks for your everyday clientele, but that doesn't mean you can't inject your own twist on the style "norm." Just remember: If you are inspired, you will incite inspiration in others--including your clients.

Talk soon! --Aly


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