Hair Trends: Bridal Hair Tips

This is the time of year when romantic Summer weddings are planned. First on the list is to get THE dress. Next, one of the most important items to check off a busy bride's list is: who will do her hair and makeup on that special day? Will she choose to wear her hair up or down... curly or straight... veil or accessories? All of these details need to be decided upon ahead of time to minimize stress on the special day.  

Hair & Makeup: Sherri Jessee Photo: Brad Lovell
Hair & Makeup: Sherri Jessee Photo: Brad Lovell
  • Great bridal looks always begin with a good set. For long lasting body, apply a volumizing mousse and blow dry.
  • When using heat styling tools, be sure to spray each section with a heat protecting spray to ensure shine and long lasting results. 
  • To achieve a soft, textured look, (as pictured on the brunette) crimp hair on an Enzo Milano Square Crimper( This unique tool can create a natural looking tight curl with amazing volume.
    Hair & Makeup: Sherri Jessee Photo: Brad Lovell
  • A thick tousle of curls was created by curling hair on a tiny 3/8” curling iron ( For the springiest set, curl each small section and pin securely and allow to completely cool before releasing. Hair with this type of texture is so easy to pin up into edgy up-dos.
  • For a quirky take on a traditional high bun, create twin buns. Brush back into two pony tails and smooth over bun forms. Pin to secure.
    Hair & Makeup: Sherri Jessee Photo: Brad Lovell
  • An explosion of curls burst from smoothed top with a side part. To keep sleek, a nice misting of spray will keep fly-aways at a minimum. A working spray like Rusk Being Sexy  will give humidity resistant protection and shine as it provides hold and shape. 
 Sherri Jessee on set making final touches.

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