CND's Jan Arnold Paints Fashion Week

CND's Jan Arnold Polishes Fashion WeekNail lacquer company CND is all over Fashion Week; the team always creates the most innovative nail tips for shows. With the whole "Flip Video" rage going on (everybody and their mother has one backstage), I wasn't surprised to see CND co-founder Jan Arnold wielding her very own Flip. And I'm glad she did.

She put together a brilliant blog for Fashion Week with many cool "Flip Flix" that show how nails complete the style story at many shows. I even make a small appearance (not on a video, but in the text!) on Day 3. Check it out:


But on to the nails...I have to say that my fave nails the CND team dreamt up for this season are the Thai Sunrise/Sunset series for Diego Binetti. They are brilliantly chic and incredibly simple. This is what I love about CND; they take an idea and make it so fashionable, it's irresistable to fashionistas like myself. As you can see by the pictures, the sun rises and sets, and as the day progresses on the nails, the background color becomes duskier and duskier. Love! The "orange sun" is Electric Orange from the new Colour + Effects line; the background goes from Studio White to Washed Down White to Ivory Coast to Buff to that cool burnished color, which is a coat of Copper Chrome, a coat of Copper Shimmer, a coat of Super Matte and a Coat of Super Shiny. Whew!


Of course, I would be neglectful if I didn't give praise to CND super-tech Kristina Estabrooks and her Thai Night nails. The base of the super-pointed, "stiletto" nails (shaped like how Thai women wear their nails!) is a coat of Inkwell, an almost-black, greenish-blue, and Ice Blue Shimmer, and this immaculate color combo seemingly mimics  how a really good car paint job looks. Kristina tells me she used chains and cut glass to embellish the nails. "I really wanted the undearneath color to pop through, but I didn't want it to fall too dark, so I used cut glass because of it's 3-D shape," she explains. Huh? "Well, the part of the cut glass that touches the polish remains dark, but the raised parts actually capture and pull in light, making a diffusion of color." Cut glass on nails. This is why CND is like no other!

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