Wigging Out Over "Good Hair"

Wigging Out Over If you haven't heard of commedian Chris Rock's Sundance Film Festival Hit, "Good Hair," you will soon: It debuts nationally next week on October 23.

I watched the trailer, and it left me in stitches; Chris is a funny dude shining his unique brand of humor as well as a big glaring spotlight on what can often be unfunny at the root: How far, no matter the cost, women go for beauty—especially African American lovelies, who soak up "cream crack"—better known as "chemical relaxers"—to take the kinks and coarseness out of hair and achieve what is usually naturally unattainable for them: light, soft, silky straight hair.

And when the relaxers start driving women mad (or causing them to lose more hair than they care for), they run to costly weaves (some have layaway plans!).

Anybody working in the multicultural beauty sector knows all of this. Black women have always had their own set of beauty principles and rites of beauty. But, we wonder: How is Rock's "Good Hair" going to help or hurt the multicultural beauty industry? Will it open peoples' eyes to things they didn't know, thus bringing negative backlash....or, will it simply reinforce what many already know: That women—black, white, no matter the color—will endure practically ANYTHING to look and feel beautiful.

Tell us: Do you think "Good Hair" will be good for the hair industry?

(Source: Courtesy of Roadside Attractions)

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