Golden Globes--My Faves

For this LP editor, tuning in to one of Hollywood's hottest nights--the Golden Globes--was a must! While most of the hairstyles were kept simple and sleek (the ponytailed Hailee Steinfeld looked lovely), there were a few exceptions to the rule (hello, Scarlett Johansson!). Here, a few of my faves:

1. January Jones: True, her hair looked classic-Veronica Lake; but it looked so seriously healthy and shiny that I couldn't keep my eyes away from her! It's old-Hollywood done right.

2. Claire Danes: Her upswept 'do looked so elegant, but its simplicity--complemented by her fresh pink dress--kept the overall look fun and youthful.

3. Halle Berry: Maybe it's the statuesque figure and perfect bone structure that always lead me to look at Halle, but her hairstyle was quite simply tousled perfection.

What do you think stylistas? Agree or disagree with my picks?

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