From Madrid to Berlin: Rachel McAdams' Red Carpet Style

'Sherlock Holmes' German Premiere

We're tracking the case of Rachel McAdam's gorgeous red carpet 'dos as she makes the rounds for Sherlock Holmes' international premieres. Sebastian celebrity stylist Thomas Dunkin is the man behind her many looks, and he shares the how-tos on these gorgeous hairdos.

To achieve Rachel's '40s-inspired fingerwaves she sported in Berlin (seen above):

1. Saturate damp hair from root to tip with Sebastian Professional Volupt Spray to increase volume.

2. Blow-dry hair with a medium-size round brush and set the whole head in medium-size Velcro rollers. Allow the set to cool for about 5 to 10 minutes.

3. Remove the rollers and, beginning at the bottom, use a 1/4-inch curling iron to curl each section. Make sure to begin at the root and eventually wrap the entire section around the iron.

4. Brush through the hair with a Mason Pearson brush and use large section clips to define the waves.

5. Spray the entire head with Sebastian Professional Shaper Zero Gravity. Allow the style to set for 10 minutes.

6. Remove the section clips and have her shake her head to loosen up the look.

Photo by: JA/SevenPix/ 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 1/13/10 Rachel McAdams at th

To get her Rachel's voluminous updo from her premiere in Madrid:

1. Saturate damp hair with Sebastian Volupt Spray to pump up volume.

2. Blow-dry hair using a small round brush, and set the entire head in pin curls. Allow the curls to cool for 5 to 10 minutes.

3. Remove the pins and pull a large amount of Sebastian Professional Molding Mud through the hair to loosen the section and lend textured definition.

4. Spray Sebastian Professional Shaper Fierce over the entire head to increase texture.

5. Manipulate the hair with your fingers, twisting it into an asymmetrical French pleat in the back.

6. Use a large-barrel curling iron on random pieces on the top of the head to add curl and unexpected texture.

(Photos: PicApp)

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