[Editor's Picks] 3 Essential Antioxidant Products for Winter

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MedEsthetics' managing editor Rebecca Lane's three favorite antioxidant-boosting products.
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Winter has officially arrived and with it cold and flu season, causing people to flock to the pharmacy for their annual vaccines and immune-boosting supplements to stave off the viruses being passed around. Our skin, like our immune system, also needs a boost to stay healthy this time of year and fight off the damaging effects of getting sick, moisture-sapping cold temperatures and other winter stressors. Vitamin C is the go-to immunity booster for our bodies, and the same holds true for protecting and boosting skin’s natural defenses. Vitamin C helps neutralize and protect against free radicals and environmental stressors, support the skin microbiome to enhance its natural defenses and optimize overall skin health. While orange juice gives our bodies a boost of vitamin C, here are products to add a bit of vitamin C to your patients’ skin care regimen to enhance skin defenses, radiance and brightness in the midst of winter.

1. Alphascience Mela Bright C+ 

The antioxidant serum with 3% stable cysteamine is used as a safe alternative to hydroquinone. It is clinically proven to be effective against skin discolorationC Radical Defense Retail Hero 2 64fa27588fa27 and hyperpigmentation without the concerns of hydroquinone or corticosteroids.

2. Alastin Skincare C-Radical Defense Antioxidant Serum

This serum is formulated with a clinically proven form of vitamin C plus 14 vital antioxidants that help protect against environmental stressors such as blue light and pollution while aiding in skin’s conservation of elastin. The proprietary encapsulated novel form of vitamin C (Sodium Ascorbate) helps to defend against free radical damage, reducing the effects by up to 74%, while supporting the skin’s ability to conserve elastin. This serum gives a major boost of immunity to keep skin healthy and radiant no matter the season.Cbec Cbec Front Nocap V4 Product Images All 202308

3. Revision Skincare C+ Brightening Eye Complex

This eye cream delivers a novel comprehensive solution for brighter eyes that targets the underlying causes of under-eye puffiness and dark circles, such as congestion and increased fluid build-up, as well as increased discoloration and diminished dermal support. The advanced MelaC+ Technology features 10% THD Ascorbate that works in synergy with other powerhouse ingredients, utilizing multiple unique pathways to leave the under-eye area brighter, depuffed and refreshed.

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