Trendsetters/Runway Report: Easy Does It

The relaxed style of intentional wisps reflects the times.

Credit: Proenza Schouler
Credit: Proenza Schouler

The runway lead hairstylist will oftentimes recount the massive amount of steps taken to achieve a style—each an intricate puzzle piece that completes the final picture. However, sometimes the script is flipped and toward the very end, all that perfection is disrupted. Enter the easy-does-it, laidback aesthetic: Pull loose a few locks of hair and all of the restrictive shellacking, brushing and pinning feels suddenly liberated. And don’t we need a little unbuttoning during these uncertain times? At Proenza Schouler, Redken global creative director Guido Palau designed the ultimate relaxed hairstyle: strands that appeared fresh from a shower. While massive amounts of gel and smart combing anchored the look, a few baby hairs tugged loose and patted down on the forehead truly lent a “no care” air to the hair. Retro victory rolls at Anna Sui became less frozen in time when R+Co lead Garren freed a few wisps along the hairline, bringing the exacting beauty of the ’40s into today’s more breezy aesthetic. With the mental and physical demands of the current atmosphere nipping at us daily, this free-spirited embrace of imperfection—flyaways, wisps and all—is a welcome, and stylish, reprieve.

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