9 Wellness Secrets from Danielle Conte of Conscious Coconut

danielle-conte[Images: Courtesy of Danielle Conte]The founder of Conscious Coconut on putting health and happiness first and more.

1) Gratefuls – I learned quickly that the universe will shower you with goodies when you show that you’re thankful for what you have. And I’m talking the most important yet seemingly “small” things that aren’t small at all. Before I open my eyes every morning I say thanks for my breath, my toes, my nose, the bed I’m lying on, water and food to eat, the roof over my head, my family and guidance.

2) Give Love – All I hear these days is ‘self love, self love, self love.’ Yes! Putting your health and happiness first will give you the energy to live your best life. However, giving to others makes the biggest impact on the your life—and certainly the lives of others. I live by the words “One Love”. We are all one, and we’re doing the best we can, despite how it might appear from the outside. It’s not for us to judge—it’s for us to love. And when you put love out to the Universe, it’ll come back and topple you over. For example, my relationship with the MacDonald Training Center in Tampa, Florida, is extremely important to me. Spending time with adults with disabilities who have this awesome, creative energy never fails to put a big, goofy grin on my face. You can find me there several times a week but when I’m town. We practice chair yoga and share lots of laughs (and cookies!)

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3) Get Outside – Many of us live a fast-paced, technology-packed lifestyle. Between work, kids, cooking and cleaning, watching TV and social media, we’re spending 90 percent of our time indoors. If I’m stressed or feeling icky, just a breath of fresh air brings me back to a good space. Whether I work outside on the patio, walk a few blocks to a store, take a walk around the neighborhood or bike on a trail, I aim for an hour outside everyday.

4) Clean Eating – Good nutrition is the catalyst to feeling REALLY good. I believe in honoring your body by focusing on the best nutrient-dense food nature has to offer—while enjoying a glass of wine, family pasta night or whatever puts a smile on your face. Eating whole foods is great for us and the environment, and I try my best to consume food from the earth and to know the source of what I’m putting in my belly.

5) Sun Salutations – I’ve been practicing yoga for 16 years and my soul (and tush!) thank me for it. I’m a new momma running a business so finding an hour and a half to practice several times a week doesn’t happen. Instead of getting frustrated, I took the advice an ayurvedic doctor in Goa, India, gave me last year. He said to wake up, drink a glass of water and do 20 sun salutations to get my day started. What a game-changer! We usually take sun salutations for granted but they truly make for an energy-boosting, heart-opening and transformative experience.

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6) Set Realistic Goals – I believe in setting small, achievable goals so that I feel a sense of accomplishment every day. I’m a deep believer in the power of positive thinking, so by ‘winning’ at life—whether it’s with health goals, new mom goals, cleaning, cooking or work—I feel happy and good about myself, which in turn motivates me to keep trying.

7) Surround Yourself With Supporters – Surround yourself with people who ‘get it.’ There’s so much goodness and love in the world, and people want to see you succeed, whether it’s regarding health, work or hobbies—anything. So for that one person who isn’t supportive there are 100 more who are—you just may need to find them. If I’m not aligned and I’m having a hard day, and I know a certain friend will throw a jab at me—which could be about anything, really—I go to yoga instead. Staying in a positive headspace is key.

8) Water and Tea – Whether I’m tired, pregnant, achy or scattered, I reach for a glass of water before anything else and 99 times out of 100 I feel better. And there’s nothing more grounding than a cup of hot tea with honey and ginger. I’m a super high-energy human and whether I’m at work, at home or at the airport it helps me re-center and focus either on the task at hand or my breath.

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9) Baths – Is there anything more comforting than a hot bath? Not in my world! To me, the combination of Conscious Coconut Oil, arnica and magnesium salts is the holy grail of bath time and healing. It eases muscle cramps, pain and inflammation, and reduces insomnia and anxiety. It draws out toxins, softens skin, improves blood circulation and oxygen use, aids in nutrient absorption, lowers blood pressure, and relieves migraines and cold/flu symptoms. I sleep like a baby afterward!

conscious-coconutAbout Conscious Coconut

Conscious Coconut was launched in 2015 by former investment banker Danielle Conte. The company focuses on sustainability and giving back by working directly with growers and factories to source certified USDA organic, cold-pressed, virgin coconut oil from fair trade farms in Thailand and the Philippines, and by employing adults with developmental disabilities at the MacDonald Training Center in Tampa, Florida, to package the tubes. For every purchase made, a child receives a meal through a partnership with Feeding America Food Banks.

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