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What do you invest in? If you answered “yourself,” we’re giving you props. Investing in you, while often overlooked, benefits both your career and overall happiness. When you allow yourself time to flourish through education, your career—and your client base— grows. Once you’ve established that you want to invest in yourself, the next step is a program that aligns with your goals. Enter Eufora International: With an ever-changing curriculum, the Eufora Advanced Training Academy features an extensive course list with classes covering all aspects of technical and creative styling, precision cutting, color placement, men’s grooming and business skills.

Eufora TrainingReady to hit the books? Here's what you need to know to get started.

Enrollment: Academy courses are offered throughout the year. Technical courses offer an attendee to instructor ratio of eight to one.

Tuition Policy: A 50 percent deposit is required to register. The balance of the course fee is due no later than 30 days prior to the date of the course. Deposits are nonrefundable. Tuition includes mannequin heads, product and instruction manuals, with each student needing to provide their own cutting and styling hardware.

Location: The Eufora Advanced Training Academy is located at the Eufora corporate headquarters in San Diego. Courses are also offered at satellite locations across North America.

Eufora Color Jen CoveySomething for Everyone

No matter where you are in your career, you can always improve with education. The Eufora Advanced Training Academy has a course for every level of stylist. Here’s just a sample of the course options.

Shape Shifting - Three-day course

Experiment with interior shapes through directional and switch layering, combined with vertical cutting, dry cutting and texturizing to achieve modern silhouettes with precision and ease.

The Razor System - Three-day course

This advanced technical course incorporates systematic precision- cutting techniques using the razor to create contemporary shapes and designs.

Reform - Advanced Texture Design - Three-day course

Gain techniques and systems for working with naturally curly and chemically treated hair in an atmosphere that encourages you to experiment, be inspired and fall in love with texture in all its forms.

Master Finishing - Three-day course

This course is designed to help you take command of the systematic blow-dry techniques and the tools required to complete your creative vision while also saving time.

Blonding Mastery - Three-day course

Explore the full spectrum of EuforaColor Blondes. Learn to lift and tone with confidence and say goodbye to the fear of color corrections.

Precision Cutting: Men's Techniques - Three-day course

Learn the core techniques necessary to create the looks most coveted by male clients. The course includes theory, demonstration and hands-on instruction.

Business Intelligence - Four-day course

This course is an interactive business success workshop that provides you with the education systems, concepts and tools needed to bring accelerated change to your business. Leave with resources, workbooks, blueprints and timelines that are specific and unique to your business needs.

For information on the most current course schedule, Academy locations, travel details and registration, visit eufora.net. Follow the brand @euforainternational.


[Images: Courtesy of Evan Dunning; Lauren Morris]


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