Grande Cosmetics Unveils its Latest Beauty Enhancers

GrandelipstickPucker up and bat your lashes! With a triple-threat lipstick derived from kiss me quick flower extract and a lash-plumping mascara with castor oil built into every swipe, enhancing your clients’ beauty has never been easier. “I established Grande Cosmetics with the vision that all women should feel glamorous every day and am committed to delivering beauty solutions that work with visible results—and these new launches are no exception!” says brand founder and CEO Alicia Grande.


GrandeLIPSTICK Plumping Lipstick

Plump from the Core: Made with a 3-in-1 formula that combines the moisture of a lip balm, the rich pigment of a lipstick and the transformative power of a plumper, GrandeLIPSTICK Plumping Lipstick “nourishes pouts from the inside out,” says Grande. GrandeLIPSTICK Plumping Lipstick took a year and a half to formulate and create. Grande made combining three lip products into one a deliberate time-saving goal and, though she found the formula challenging to develop, she was inspired by her own needs. “As an on-the- go woman, I always knew that I wanted to create a lipstick that combined all of my favorite lip products into one convenient product, and it took a long time to find the best ingredients to make that happen,” she explains. The plumper adds volume to any pout, working overtime to fill in lip lines and give the wearer a younger appearance. GrandeLIPSTICK Plumping Lipstick is available in five shades of pigmented, satiny finish.

Performance-Driven Active Ingredients:

• Kiss me quick flower extract: An anti-aging, moisturizing active that stimulates collagen production and contains volumizing properties.

• Sucrose cocoate: Derived from coconut oil and beetroot; known for its nourishing qualities.

• Hyaluronic acid: Moisturizes and improves firmness; helps plump.

GrandeDRAMA Intense Thickening Mascara with Castor Oil

A Show-stopping Solution: Grande and her team created the GrandeDRAMA Intense Thickening Mascara with Castor Oil following the success of cult favorite, GrandeLASH-MD Lash Enhancing Serum. After learning the messy ways that some clients were applying castor oil to their lashes, the brand took matters into its own hands, adding the superstar ingredient to a no-brainer product used daily: mascara. Granted, it took more than two years to develop the dramatic, no-flake formula from start to finish: “I tested hundreds of mascaras and worked with top chemists to find a formula that leaves lashes thick and luscious in one swipe, with a true buildable formula that doesn’t flake and is long-wearing,” says Grande. The result—thick, healthy-looking lashes—is the obvious payoff.

Perhaps the most striking feature of the formula is the way it wears. Instead of mimicking other volumizing mascara formulas on the market, which can uncomfortably cling to lashes (making removal difficult and leading to lash loss), GrandeDRAMA Intense Thickening Mascara with Castor Oil glides off the lashes with ease when coupled with makeup remover. Bonus! The accompanying mascara wand boasts a design that combats clumping. The subtle hourglass-shape brush isn’t overly dense, allowing for maximum separation and volume.

Grandedrama MascaraPerformance-Driven Active Ingredients: 

•Castor oil: An omega-9 fatty acid rich in vitamin E; promotes stronger, thicker, bolder-looking lashes while preventing breakage.

•Natural wax blend: Offers the perfect buildable formula.

•Film-forming polymers: Improve gloss and shine.

•Hemispherical powders: Reflective qualities that promote natural brilliance.

Proven Results “There’s nothing better than a product that provides visible, long-term results; clients will love that they’re getting extra benefits from makeup they wear every day,” notes Grande. “These products are proven and studied to perform,” she adds—meaning your clients will come back for more. “GrandeDRAMA Intense thickening Mascara with Castor Oil and GrandeLIPSTICK Plumping Lipstick both feature results-driven formulas with powerful skincare benefits.”

After applying GrandeLIPSTICK Plumping Lipstick:

•100 percent of participants agreed lips felt moisturized*

•90 percent of participants saw fuller- looking lips*

After applying GrandeDRAMA Intense Thickening Mascara with Castor Oil:

•97 percent saw dramatic lash volume*

•94 percent saw thicker-looking lashes*

*Results are based on a consumer perception study. Results will vary. These products are proven and studied by third-party consumer testing.

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[Images: Courtesy of Grande Cosmetics; Instagram]


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