Takara Belmont Gives the Traditional Lash Bed a Face-Lift with The Riche

Takara Belmont Riche Model

Eyelash services have quickly become one of the hottest trending treatments in the beauty industry. With natural retention built into customer relationships and many opportunities for expansion, it’s no surprise that clients, technicians and business owners are falling in love with eyelash services. However, lash treatments are lengthy and intricate, and physical discomfort is common among both the clients and beauticians. That’s why Takara Belmont’s Riche collection has arrived as the first lash specialty chair on the market. The Riche is here to save you time, space and money, as well as prevent physical pain.

Why it Works

The Riche lash bed provides comfort for both technicians and clients during services thanks to its hammock-like design. Created with extensive medical and scientific research from Takara Belmont’s beauty and medical divisions, the Riche lash bed is positioned at a 35-degree angle for peak performance. The Riche lash bed also provides several options for pros by letting technicians control their comfort during appointments with attachments such as the two-position armrest. The ergonomic design supports beauticians’ lower backs while maintaining clean and even lines to the client’s eye and enhancing workflow, in turn allowing pros to perform efficiently while minimizing adjustments and maximizing precision during these extensive services. Working in tandem with the Riche stool and wagon, the collection ensures your tools are always within arm’s length. Featuring a rotating tray and lumbar supporting stool, the complete collection facilitates fluidity and, therefore, maximizes appointment efficiency.

Riche Lash Bed

Client Approved

Customers also enjoy the Riche lash bed’s many features, finding comfort throughout treatments of any length. The bed includes shock-absorbing technology to smoothly adjust your client without the jarring motions that can arise with a traditional bed. The headrest cushion cradles and angles the client’s head at a 5- to 10-degree position, which is scientifically proven as the ideal angle for both client and technician. In an industry where both client and technician retention are crucial, your working environment needs to be both efficient and comfortable—a key piece of the Riche collection.

Bonus: The collection encourages service menu expansion because clients and employees can sit with ease for extended lengths of time, allowing further services like bottom lashes, microblading, threading, and beyond. The Riche’s compact design is a fan favorite, as the lash bed’s upright position saves space at every workstation. Available in a variety of neutral upholstery colors, the Riche seamlessly assimilates into your spa environment.

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