How to Achieve a Brunette in 10 Minutes with Schwarzkopf Professional's Igora Color10

Igora 10 Brunette

Igora 10 Schwarzkopf

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Formula A: 20g. IGORA COLOR10 6-0 + 30g. IGORA COLOR10 5-1 + IGORA ROYAL Oil Developer 3% (10 vol.) 1:1

Formula B: 60g. IGORA COLOR10 7-1 + IGORA ROYAL Oil Developer 3% (10 vol.) 1:1

Formula C: 40g. IGORA COLOR10 8-0 + 30g. IGORA COLOR10 8-4 + IGORA ROYAL Oil Developer 3% (10 vol.) 1:1

Step 1: Starting on damp hair, apply Formula A at the roots in a 2-inch radius to add depth and intensify the color melt. Process for 5 minutes.

Step 2: Work through each quadrant of the head in a 3-inch pattern, applying and smudging Formula B into Formula A. Process for 5 minutes.

Step 3: Use fingers to smudge Formula B into Formula C through the ends. Once color has been applied to the whole head, take a wide-tooth comb and run it through hair from roots to ends without stopping to create a seamless color melt and avoid a demarcation line. Process for 5 minutes.

Schwarzkopf Igora 10

“I love IGORA COLOR10 for the versatility it gives you in the salon,” says Abbey Brookee. “The entire line processes in just 10 minutes while covering the most stubborn grays and achieving a rich color that won’t fade. By cutting the development time, I can take on more clients in a shorter period, and my on-the-go clients couldn’t be more appreciative!”

Abbey Brookee Hair

“My inspiration for this look was a Cadbury Caramilk chocolate bar. I wanted to mimic the rich chocolate coating on the outside and the salty caramel pieces that are revealed when you bite in,” says Abbey Brookee. 

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