Eufora's Urban Angels Collection is an Exploration in Contrasts

Eufora Urban Angels Beauty

Eurfora Urban Angels Collection

Lightness and shadow, curvature and lines: Eufora’s Urban Angels compilation explores beauty that resonates from contrary perspectives. Varying texture, layers and warm muted tones create a unique vibe when juxtaposed against a cold, concrete cityscape. is spring, the Eufora design team challenges stylists to embrace an alternate viewpoint where beauty blossoms in the most unconventional ways.

Eufora Urban Angel Beauty

Angelic Beauty: The Urban Angels wear a gradient color scheme that begins with a gritty base and gradually brightens along the shaft for a celestial-inspired “halo.” Ends bathed in “celestial light” underscore the airy and unconstructed nature of the perimeter, while lived-in hues of apricot, peach, rose, and blush create a distinct dichotomy of warm-to-cool tones galvanized into one work of living art.

Eufora Mullet Hair

Rock the Mullet: On the forefront of spring 2019: a rebooted version of the classically defiant mullet. The reimagined mullet peeks through in three unmistakably disconnected layers with a contemporary take on the nape, sides and fringe. All have distinctively different lengths that work in tandem with interior layering and texture to create a freshly fashioned cut. Collar-hugging tendrils at the nape give a slimming length to the neck. A whispering stream of sideburn trickles down to frame the face while softly exposing the ear, imparting separation from the long back to the mid-length sides. A flattering fringe purposefully plays up the eyes, connecting the design in harmony. 

Eufora Angels Spring Collection

See more Urban Angels, including behind-the-scenes photos, at eufora.net and follow the brand @euforainternational.


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