Hair Tips: How To Re-Moisturize Tresses for Spring

Skin isn't the only thing that suffers from the dryness of winter; hair is prone to excess moisture loss and brittleness during the cold months as well. Help your clients re-moisturize their locks for spring and summer with these tips from hairstylist Antonio Prieto.

Antonio's Dos:

  • Be gentle: Use a gentle, moisturizing shampoo. Try Kerastase Bain Moisturizing Shampoo.
  • Treatments: Both salon and at-home treatments will help. Help your client find the best regimen for her hair type based on the damage.
  • Do it up: Avoid hot tools when working with a client with dry, damaged hair. Instead, help her stay on trend by creating a loose, boho braid to restyle her hair.

Antonio's Don'ts:

  • Shampoo every day: If hair looks dirty, advise your client to opt for dry shampoo to get rid of excess oils.
  • Style without protection: Always style with protective spray when using hot tools. Try Kerastase Vernis Nutri Sculpt which acts as a barrier between hair and hot tools.
  • Style every day: Teach your client how to use styling tools to their advantage and add longevity to a blowout or style.

[Image courtesy of Jennifer Brent]

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