Hair Color How To: Majestic Jewels by Ash Fortis

Hairstylist Ash Fortis recently created this rich, jewel-toned hair color for her client. A dark base serves as the perfect backdrop for pops of magenta, purple and blue for a seriously striking look. Below, Fortis shares her formulas for recreating this gorgeous "majestic jewels" hair color.

Get the Look:
Purple formula: 1/2 tube of PRAVANA Wild Orchid with 1/2 quarter of PRAVANA Violet
Magenta formula: 1/2 tube of Wild Orchid with 6 drops of Red with 4 drops of Violet
Blue formula: 1/2 tube of PRAVANA Green with a quarter of PRAVANA Blue with 6 drops of Violet and 3 drops of PRAVANA Neon Blue

For more, follow Fortis on Instagram @xostylistxo!

[Image courtesy of Ash Fortis]

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