Hair Color How To: Beachy Blonde by Leigha Cannon

Hairstylist Leigha Cannon (Instagram @mrssssstylist) recently helped a client transform her faded, grown-out color into a whole new look. Cannon added subtle highlights to a deeper base for a richer blonde, then created an on-trend, wavy, bob haircut to complete the style. The result? Gorgeous, beachy blonde strands that are perfect for spring.


Get the Look:
Starting point: level 7 new growth around 2-3 inches, and existing blonde levels 9 and 10 to the ends.

Formula: PRAVANA 6N with 1/8 oz. Olaplex and Wella FreeLights, 30 volume with 1/8 oz. Olaplex.

1. Says Cannon, "To begin, I trimmed [the client's] hair to the desired length; approximately 8 inches of hair was removed. After achieving the desired length, I started by applying the PRAVANA 6N with 1/8 oz. Olaplex from the scalp and moving down the hair three inches. This was applied to the entire head. Then I began sectioning the hair. All hair from the occipital bone down was my first section. Then, I moved to the top of her head and took a 'horseshoe'-shaped parting with each side of the part going no further than the outer corners of my client's eyes. After, I took a triangular parting above both ears. I then took the same parting at the crown, which would be the only hair left from a section.

2. "All hair from the occipital bone down was covered with PRAVANA 6N with 1/8 oz. Olaplex. I started applying the lightener, Wella FreeLights 30 volume with 1/8 oz. Olaplex, to the triangular section at the crown. From the triangular section, I took a 'V'-parting and applied the lightener in a sweeping motion to the edges of each side of the parting. I applied the lightener very lightly while keeping the parting tight. Because my client did not want the blonde to be too close to her scalp, I started the lightener at mid-point on the hair shaft. I completed the section at the crown and both sections above the ears with the same method.

3. "After those three sections were complete, I moved to the 'horseshoe'-shaped parting. I alternated two left diagonal partings and two right diagonal partings for the entire section using Wella FreeLights, 30 volume with 1/8 oz. Olaplex. For each parting I used the same light, sweeping motion only to the sides and end of the hair. Make sure to keep the parting tight.

4. "Once I finished applying the lightener to the last section. I let her process naturally with no heat for 20 minutes. Afterwards, I followed up with step #2 Olaplex and let that process for ten minutes.

5. "Once shampooed and conditioned, I applied Kenra's Blow Dry Spray and Big Sexy Root Pump to her crown. I blow-dried her and gave her a soft curl with a one and a half-inch curling iron."

[Images courtesy of Leigha Cannon]

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