Top Salons Across the Country Help Sick Kids by Participating in HairRaising Cut-a-Thon

On Sunday, April 12, top salons throughout United States will participate in the HairRaising Cut-a-Thon, a massive, one-day fundraising event benefitting Boston Children’s Hospital, the #1 Pediatric Hospital and Research Center in the country.  

Founded in 2010 by longtime business partners John Frieda and Gail Federici, HairRaising brings together the salon and hair communities to help support the life-saving care and breakthrough cures, treatments and innovations that bring the sickest children from all over the world to Boston Children’s Hospital.  

Frieda and Federici targeted the salon and hair care world not only because of their extensive experience in the industry, but also because of the giving, generous nature of this community.  

Frieda says, “We’ve had so much support from some of the biggest names in the business and we’re consistently overwhelmed and amazed by the level of commitment this effort receives from salon owners and stylists. It’s a special community, coming together for a special cause, and for that we are very grateful.”

Federici says, “Support for Boston Children’s Hospital is critical. We need everyone to understand the huge global impact that this hospital has, not only for children, but for adults as well – and that just by participating in this one day event, we can help save countless lives.”

To be a part of HairRaising’s 2015 campaign, simply register your salon at Once registered, you’ll have access to weekly conference calls with HairRaising co-chairs and committee members, as well as fundraising ideas, a press release, promotional materials and hospital information that will help you market your event. Then, on April 12, give haircuts for a set minimum donation, with all proceeds benefitting Boston Children’s Hospital.

[Image courtesy of Federici Brands LLC]

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