Concept LA Fashion Week Beauty

On March 7 Beauty Launchpad joined Wella at Concept Studios for a behind-the-scenes look at the 2015 Winter Collections of Mike Vensel, Camila Castillo, Elaine Marie, Jen Awad and Camelia Skikos & Whichkim.

The event kicked off with the Mike Vensel presentation. The hairstyles, created by Wella's Aubrey Loots, were sleek and sophisticated, complimenting the elegant silhouettes designed by Vensel. Some styles were adorned with paper crowns as a finishing touch. Makeup artists led by Melanie Mills blended a glowing dewey and bronzed look.

Aubrey Loots styles a model for the Mike Vensel presentation:

Aubrey Loots, Victoria Thurman Hall and the Wella team create sleek and sophisticated styles for Mike Vensel:

A glowing bronzed makeup look for Mike Vensel:

A sleek bun for the Mike Vensel presentation:

Wella products used to create the hairstyle looks for Concept LA:

Designer Mike Vensel with his models:

Camilla Castillo's hairstyles were pulled back into tight ponytails and accessorized with brightly colored tape to add a structured graphic appeal.  Matte makeup completed the look. Aubrey Loots describes the hairstyle vision for the Camilla Castillo presentation:

Melanie Mills explains the makeup looks at the Concept LA presentations:

Camila Castillo models get ready for the stage:

Melanie Mills creates the makeup look for the Camila Castillo presentation:

Aubrey Loots adds brightly colored tape to a model's hairstyle:

A structured ponytail accessorized with neon tape for Camila Castillo:

Makeup artists created an eye-focused look for the Camila Castillo presentation:

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