Hair Color How To: Peachy Pink by Margarita Ford

Stylist Margarita Ford helped her client get ready for spring with this vibrant, peachy pink hair color. Reminiscent of cotton candy or strawberry ice cream, the final look packs a powerful punch of color! Below, Ford shares the steps she took to create this fun look.

Get the Look:
1. Says Ford, "I needed to bleach up any existing warmth to have a level palette. I then finally talked [the client] into letting me cut off her hair for my final vision.

2. "I sectioned hair from sides to bottom and applied: PRAVANA Pretty in Pink, Neon Pink and a few drops of Magenta and Clear.

3. "I also colored very bottom of bangs with the same pink concoction (above).

4. "For the peach I used PRAVANA Too Cute Coral mixed with a ribbon of Rusk Pink and a pea size drop of Yellow.

5. "Cap and process for 30 minutes. Then, rinse in cold water."

  [Images courtesy of Margarita Ford]

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