Paris Fashion Week: Dainty Braids at Valentino

To continue the story of the feminine, romantic Valentino woman, Redken Global Creative Director Guido created a soft style adorned with the daintiest of braids for the designer’s Fall/Winter 2015 runway show. After enhancing the hair’s natural texture with loose waves, Guido braided two tiny pieces of hair back into a small single braid using Redken’s new Braid Aid 03 braid defining lotion and Pillow Proof Blow Dry two day extender for added grip and texture. A single strand of hair hanging in front of the face finished the look with a touch of oddity and character.
“The Valentino woman always exudes this classic, feminine, romantic beauty, which is what the hair is all about this season," said Guido. "It’s down with natural, loose waves so it’s very easy feeling. I took two small pieces of hair from underneath the head on each side of the face and pulled them back into two little braids using Redken’s Braid Aid 03 to add grip and texture to hold the braids in place because they’re tiny, teeny braids. Then, I just pulled out one strand over the face to add something a little more interesting to the eye, but overall it’s a very classic look with the hair down and behind the ears.”

Get the Look:
1. Spray Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry express primer all over damp hair and comb through.

2. Apply a nickel-size amount of Redken Satinwear 02 prepping blow-dry lotion to damp hair, working into the hair from roots to ends.

3. Blow-dry hair using a small, round, natural bristle brush.

4. Curl random pieces of hair using a 1-inch curling iron to add texture.

5. Take two tiny pieces of hair from each side of the head, apply a pea-size amount of Redken Braid Aid 03 braid defining lotion to strands from roots to ends, and braid each piece.

6. Pull the two small braids back toward the middle of the head and braid together to create one tiny braid down the back of the hair.

7. Finish by misting Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry express primer all over hair for added grip and texture.

8. Pull out a small strand of hair to cover the face slightly.

[Image credit: Lucas Flores Piran for Redken]

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