Get the Look: Summer Sunset Hair Color by Ash Fortis

Colorist Ash Fortis (also known as @xostylistxo) recently created this stunning, multidimensional hair color for her client. Vibrant magenta hues complement warm oranges and pops of red for an overall gorgeous effect. Below, Fortis shares how she created this look.

Natural/starting level: level 7
Fortis began by applying "Redken Flashlift with 30 vol. on mid-shaft to ends. Redken Flashlift with 20 vol. was applied to the root. I then processed for 20 minutes under no heat, lifting her root to a level 9. Washed, did a deep treatment and blow-dried her hair."

Formula 1: 1/2 Tube of PRAVANA Violet with 1/2 Tube of PRAVANA Wild Orchid
Formula 2: PRAVANA Wild Orchid
Formula 3: PRAVANA Red with a quarter of PRAVANA Wild Orchid

Get the Look:
1. Says Fortis, "I first applied PRAVANA 1/2 tube Violet with PRAVANA 1/2 Wild Orchid on her root, in order to make it a warmer shade, and to allow for better support against fading. I had lifted the mid-shaft and ends to a level 8-9 to allow the red and magenta to also be a bit warmer, working with the formulas.

2. "I then alternated melting my root color down into my formula 2 and 3. In the rainbow section, I took diagonal slices in a triangle section above the ear with formula of PRAVANA Violet, PRAVANA Red, PRAVANA Orange, PRAVANA Wild Orchid.

3. "Processed under no heat for 30 minutes. Rinsed with cold water, blow-dried and styled."

For more, visit Fortis' Instagram @xostylistxo.

[Image courtesy of Ash Fortis via Instagram]

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