New York Men's Day Fall/Winter 2015: Backstage with Oribe

Oribe Hair Care went backstage at New York Men's Day Fall/Winter 2015 to help create the looks for an array of presentations. See the styles and get the how-tos below!

Lucio Castro
lat to the head,” Eschbach said. “It’s supposed to look a day or two old.”

Get the Look:
1. Wet the hair with ​Foundation Mist,​ then work​ Crème for Style​ through the hair. Blow-dry on low pressure and low heat to flatten the hair.

2. Use a little ​Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray ​to add some grit.

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who extended that feeling to the hair, which was relaxed, effortless and youthful. “The hair looks like the guy did it himself.”

Get the Look:
1. Wet the hair with ​Foundation Mist,​ then apply​ Crème for Style​ from the base through to the ends.

2. Lightly mist the hair​ with Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray​ and blow-dry with a vent brush to enhance the texture. [pagebreak]

David Hart
Southwest, Western and Aztec inspirations with a refined finish. The models, styled by lead hairstylist Kien Hoang, were supposed to look rugged, a different approach than the usual tailored looks he’s created for the designer in the past. “The guys were supposed to look like they were working all day at the ranch,” Hoang explained. “Their hair was a little greasy.”

Get the Look:
1. Use ​Foundation Mist ​to reawaken the hair.

2. Apply​ Sculpting Cream​ to your fingers and run through the hair, playing with its natural texture and movement. “The style should look natural but purposeful,” Hoang noted.

3. Add​ Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray ​for a little greasiness and texture and​ Dry Texturizing Spray​ at the roots for lift and separation.

4. For longer hair, create loose braids and tie them with leather cords. [pagebreak]

Garcia Velez
,” he said. “I looked at what the hair wanted to do naturally and accentuated that.”

Get the Look:
1. Use ​Foundation Mist​ to wet down the hair, then rub ​Crème for Style​ through your hands and apply it to the hair.

2. Add ​Dry Texturizing Spray ​where needed for more texture and separation. [pagebreak]

Fingers Crossed
br>1. Saturate the hair with​ Foundation Mist.​

2. Apply ​Gel Sérum​ and ​Royal Blowout t​hrough the hair​​ section by section, starting at the nape and using your palms to work the product in, for a wet, glossy finish. [pagebreak]

Ernest Alexander
with an effortless, touchable look that had shine at the base but was matte through the ends. “It purposely looks slept-in,” Ceja-Compin said. “The models needed to be able to run their hands through it while they were standing for the presentation.”

Get the Look:
1. Spray ​Thick Dry Finishing Spray throughout the hair to add texture and separation.

2. Apply ​Smooth Style Serum ​at the ends to keep them cohesive and tame fly-aways with soft hold.

3. Use​ Rough Luxury Soft ​to wake up the roots. [pagebreak]

e complemented Chapter’s Fall 2015 collection of all-black and minimal ensembles.

Get the Look:
1.​ ​Dampen the hair with ​Foundation Mist​ and apply ​Smooth Style Serum​, especially at the roots and mid-shafts of the hair.

2. Use​ Rough Luxury Molding Wax​ on the ends for separation and texture.

3.​ ​Brush through the lengths of the hair with a paddle brush. [pagebreak]

Hickey Freeman
. “The texture for the hair was more on the dry side,” explained Orozco. “For a few of the models, we worked with their natural texture and the way it grows.”

Get the Look:
1.​ ​Apply ​Foundation Mist​ on dry hair.

2.​ ​Use ​Sculpting Cream​ for grit and a dry finish.

3.​ ​Style the hair using ​Rough Luxury Molding Wax.​

4.​ ​Finish with ​Dry Texturizing Spray ​to accent pieces of the hair. [pagebreak]

Carlos Campos
p,” said Eschbach, who also noticed a running trend with haircuts at New York Men’s Day. “I find that all of them have this sort of look with overgrown haircuts. As opposed to undercuts that are tight on the sides and back, these are proper cuts that are grown out and shaggy.”

Get the Look:
1.​ ​Prep the hair with ​Foundation Mist.​

2.​ ​Use ​Sculpting Cream​ to style the hair for a matte finish. Use your hands to encourage the hair’s natural wave.

3.​ ​Use a flatiron to accent pieces of the hair.

4.​ ​Finish with ​Dry Texturizing Spray​. [pagebreak]

Timo Weiland
Dan Nguyen created a modern-day version of a 1950s look while adding a hint of texture. “We didn’t want to be too literal with the hair from the book,” said Nguyen. “The hair was young and boyish, knotty and slept-in.”

Get the Look:
1.​ ​Apply ​Dry Texturizing Spray ​all over the hair.

2.​ ​Use ​Rough Luxury Soft Molding Paste​ to style the hair.

3.​ ​Set pieces of the hair with clips at the roots for texture and a little kink.

4.​ ​Finish the look with ​Smooth Style Serum ​and​ Imperméable Anti-Humidity Spray​. [pagebreak]

wanted to emphasize the hairline and sideburns, making sure they’re clean and natural,” explained Nguyen.

Get the Look:
1.​ ​Use ​Foundation Mist​ to prep and moisturize the hair.

2.​ ​Style the hair with ​Crème for Style​ for control without weighing it down.

3.​ ​Finish the look with ​Imperméable Anti-Humidity Spray​ for hold. [pagebreak]

odel was cast for his own personal style, which Hoang elevated and enhanced by using ​Foundation Mist t​o prep their hair and ​Balm d’Or Heat Styling Shield​ on the ends for those with longer hair. Depending on the hair’s texture, ​Dry Texturizing Spray ​or ​Soft Dry Conditioner Spray ​was applied at the base.

[All images courtesy of Oribe]

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