Sweet and Sexy Date Night Braid

Re-create PRAVANA's sweet and sexy side braid for a perfect Valentine’s Day look.

1.  Begin with dry, prepped hair with NEVO Invisible Control throughout and NEVO Hydra Pearls through the ends.

2.  Part the hair straight back in an extreme side part.

3.  Section out three strands of hair to braid in the fringe.

4.  Begin a Dutch braid by crossing the middle strand beneath the outer strand.

5.  Continue working back this way, gathering strands from the top, above the part and side below the braid.

6.  Once you reach the back of the head, pull strands into the braid from below the part.

7.  Finish the braid by working down towards the side of the head.

8.  Fasten with an elastic band.

9.  Beginning at the end of the braid, tug and loosen each side to increase fullness.

10.  Work your way up the head, continuing to tug and loosen the braid.

11.  Finish by setting the hair with NEVO Super Shape Hair Spray for all-night hold.

Credits: Hair: Lara Kay @larackay; Makeup: Karen Sarahii @iluvsarahii; Model: Madi Taylor @madivibes

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