Watch: "I'm Cheating on My Hairdresser"

Cheating clients can break more than your heart - they can break your business, too.
With client retention a major issue for all salons, Shortcuts Software has launched a web-based campaign to show businesses the true cost of two-timing clients. The site includes a revealing confessional style video of on-street interviews in which a collection of unfaithful male and female clients lay bare the reasons why they strayed and reveals just what it would take to win back their cheating hearts.
Featuring online tips and the chance to sign up for a free webinar, the Shortcuts campaign aims to help businesses avoid sleepless nights and financial loss that are certain to follow when clients repay their stylists’ love by seeking solace in the chair of another. It explains:

  • The cost of attracting a new client is five times higher than the amount it takes to hold on to an existing one.
  • A 5% rise in client retention rates can increase a company’s profits by 25% to 95%
  • Some 80% of a salon’s future revenue is likely to come from 20% of its existing clients

Shortcuts also points out that as stylists who leave a salon typically take up to 30% of their clients with them, it is crucial that businesses work on cultivating loyalty to the salon rather than the individual stylist.
“I’m Cheating on My Hairdresser” is the first in a series of short videos in which clients ’fess up to the real reasons they cheated on - and broke up with - their last salon. Watch the lighthearted, yet informative video, below!

[Image/video courtesy of Shortcuts Software]

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