Golden Globes Beauty: Cuccio on the Red Carpet

Golden Globe Nominee Frances O'Conner topped off her recent red carpet look with a subtly sparkly, sophisticated nail look, created with Cuccio Colour. Cuccio's Elaine Watson, who created the look, stated, "I couldn't have had a better client than Frances. It was such an honor to work with someone so kind and generous to everyone around her."

Get the Look:
"Although I was allowed creative freedom when it came to her manicure, the challenge was providing a nail look that would match her dress for the BAFTA Luncheon on Saturday as well as her formal look for the Golden Globes on Sunday," said Watson. "Staying true to classic Hollywood glamour, I selected Cuccio Colour Veneer in Tel-Aviv About It, a creamy nude that matched perfectly to her complexion. I also applied this same hue in polish from Cuccio Colour to her toenails.

"Since she was a nominee, I decided to give her a gold sparkle at the cuticle with a brushed-and-faded application of Cuppa Cuccio from Cuccio Colour. This not only gave the fingernails some dimension but also caught the light when the hand was moved.”

[Image: Kevork Djansezian/NBC via Getty Images]

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