3 Ways to Transform Hair with No Cut

Looking for a new look to give guests without actually cutting hair? Sam Villa, Founding Partner of Sam Villa andE ducation Artistic Director for Redken 5th Avenue, has three ways to transform hair in minutes.

1. The Faux Bob (medium to long layered hair) – Apply Redken Guts 10 to dry hair. Section hair in half (from the top of the head to the crown) and loosely brush each section back into a ponytail. Join both tails into a bun (wrap the sections side to side to avoid a large bump) and secure at the nape of the neck. Shake head and let shorter layers fall to cover the secured hair. The result is a faux bob without the cutting.

2. Change the Part – On dry hair, apply Redken Pillow Proof Blow Two Day Extender to rejuvenate hair, create a new part and pin in place, if needed. On wet hair, apply Redken Redken Pillow ProofBlow Dry Express Primer mixed with a dab of Redken align 12 to hair and use a Sam Villa Short Cutting Comb with fine teeth (it’s made to work with heat styling tools) to section part. With the nozzle of the Sam Villa Professional Ionic Blow Dryer, directionally dry hair (medium to high heat) in position with new part, making sure to grab hair at the scalp with the comb to redirect the hair. Finish with Redken control addict 28 to lock in the part.

3. Simple Secure Tuck (highly layered medium to long hair) – Isolate sections to be tucked behind the ear, apply a small amount of Redken Guts 10 to each section and secure each section with a clear elastic band behind each ear to prevent it from falling back (the ear hides the elastic). Do the same on the other side. Shake head to allow loose layers fall and blend. Hair has a new shape that stays put.

For other ideas, turn to samvilla.com/how-to for how to’s, tips and step-by-steps to share with guests.

[Image courtesy of Glow Communications]

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