Get the Look: The Snake Braid by Jennie Kay

For clients looking for a pretty braided look that isn't the same old French braid or fishtail, guest contributor Jennie Kay offers the snake braid. "The snake braid is a great way to change up your braided look this season and it’s ridiculously easy (and fast!) to do," says Kay. "If you can do a basic three-strand braid, you can master this chic braid in no time."

Create one snake braid and pull hair half-back, or incorporate a couple into a pretty up-do for clients on their way to a New Year's Eve party!

Get the Look:
1. Create a large diagonal forward section of hair behind the ear.

2. Split the section into three equal subsections. Apply a bit of pomade to your hand (about half the size of a dime) and smooth out each section. This will help make a smooth, clean braid. Begin braiding (a basic, three-strand braid) this section, keeping medium tension on the braid. You do not want this braid too tight or too loose.

3. Braid almost all the way down to the ends of the hair, leaving one to two inches unbraided below where you stop the braid.

4. Take two of the sections and combine them to make one larger section (you will now only have two sections, one small and one large).

5. Take the smaller section and carefully slide it up the braid.

6. Keep sliding the smaller section up to the top of the braid.

7. Now slide the section back down to create a looser “s” pattern braid.

8. Wrap the snake braid around the back of the head and pin in place. Spray with a medium hold hairspray to add extra hold and tame any fly-aways.

TIP: Lift a small section of hair up and pin the snake braid below it. Drop the hair down so that it conceals where you pinned the braid in place.

[Images courtesy of Janice McCafferty PR]

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