Beauty News: Lydia Sarfati Named Honorary Mentor for Dietl University in Poland

Lauren Streeter, Repêchage Global Educator (far left), Dietl students, Lydia Sarfati (center), and Ryzard Nawrat (far right), Owner of Repêchage Polska, in the new Repêchage training room at Dietl University

Dietl University has named Lydia Sarfati, Repêchage CEO & Founder, as Honorary Mentor for students of  Malopolska Higher Vocational School of J. Dietl.
Repêchage Professional Skin Care partnered with Dietl University in July of 2014, and Repêchage products and treatments have since been incorporated into the curriculum of both the Bachelor's Degree and Master’s Degree Cosmetology programs at Dietl.
Since the partnership, Lydia Sarfati has visited the university on multiple occasions, sharing her personal success story with students, and offering them advice for their esthetic careers.
A native of Poland herself, Sarfati looks forward to serving as a mentor for students, and visiting Dietl more often in 2015. “It is with pleasure that I accept this wonderful position with Dietl. I am always extremely happy to share my success story to inspire others to achieve success in their lives. Knowing that my story can help future estheticians gives me tremendous satisfaction in life,” stated Sarfati.

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[Image courtesy of Repêchage]

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