Consultation Tips: How to Create a Dramatic Makeover Your Client Will Love

Victoria Mills created this beautiful cut and color makeover at Cuts By US salon in Tallahassee, Florida. We asked Victoria to walk us through some tips on how to make clients happy when giving them a dramatic transformation.  

When it comes to giving a client a dramatic makeover, the consultation process is an essential step in achieving a look that the client will love. Victoria explains, "Always start with good consultation. That is the number one rule!"

Victoria offers these tips for a successful consultation:

1. Listen. Really hear what the client is saying. They don't know the technical terms we do, so be patient and listen carefully.

2. Repeat. Repeat back what the client said, but in your own words. This lets your client know you understand her.

3. Be on the same page. NEVER start anything without you and the client both 100% comfortable with the end goal.

Additionally, understanding your client's lifestyle and daily routine can help you determine a style that will be the right fit. Victoria shares these important questions to ask the client:

  • How do you fix your hair on a daily basis?
  • How much time do you spend on your hair?
  • Do you use heat?
  • How often do you shampoo?

Asking these questions will help you find a great style for your client and  give you the information you need to make product recommendations.

In the above photo, Victoria's client wanted healthier hair that didn't look so dry and damaged. She also wanted a hairstyle that was "wash and go" friendly in a shade of brown with blonde highlights.

Victoria shares the details of how she created this cut and color makeover:

In the salon I work for, Cuts By Us, we use Redken Gels. The formula I used for this style was 10 Nw for the highlights and 6 Ng for the brown with 20 vol for 25 minutes.

The brown was chosen to complement her skin tone. It had just enough gold in it to camouflage the redness in her skin. It brings out her natural feathers and makes her eyes pop.

The cut is a simple shoulder length bob cut with long layers only in the bottom 2 inches of the hair. This cut won't make the hair look too thin, and it can still be pulled up.

Always remember, whether you have been doing hair 1 day or 20 years, the clients are why we are here -- to make them beautiful and happy! Everything they say can lead you to a great style. For example, if the client is in a rush to get home to cook, to the kids and to work, this says to me she needs a "wash and go" style with no fuss. If the client says she goes to dinner parties frequently, has a job in the public eye or is a fellow stylist, she may be willing to put more effort into maintaining her hairstyle.

Regardless of what style you give your client, follow the Golden Rule: Always wear a smile because no matter what, you can fake away your bad day to make that client a client for life!

[Image courtesy of Victoria Mills]

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