Bellus Academy Helps Graduates Find Job Placement

In a time where many college graduates struggle with unemployment, Bellus Academy has a reputation for success in helping students find job placement. How does Bellus help graduates find employment? The Bellus team prioritizes building relationships with local spas and salons and hosts quarterly events that bridge the gap between the education and the professional worlds in the beauty industry. Bellus Academy focuses on educating and supporting students to become industry professionals through the Bellus Professional Partnership Program. The program partners students with Industry icons, salons, spas, manufacturers and other related experts in a variety of ways such as externships, mentorships, career fairs, Bellus Best in Business curriculum, and the online job board through the Bellus App.

“Our students are finding success in the job market immediately after graduation. When our graduates find fulfilling careers doing something they love, our entire team celebrates with them,” says Bellus Academy owner Lynelle Lynch. “We have had some incredible talent walk through our doors and graduate confident with the Bellus exclusive technical and business education. Knowing that our graduates thrive in a competitive job market is the reason students come to Bellus.”
Recent regulations by the U.S. Department of Education will place new restrictions on student and program access to federal student loans. The new regulations will require programs at private sector institutions to meet an arbitrary debt-to-earnings that many degree programs at public universities would fail if it applied to them. The regulation goes into effect July 1, 2015. Given this development, it is important for students to know that Bellus Academy places a strong emphasis on career and job placement services.
Internally, Bellus Academy has a motto that reflects the dedica­tion of the entire team to support the success of the student. “It takes an entire academy team to enroll, inspire, graduate, place and continuously educate a Bellus Professional!”

[Image courtesy of Bellus Academy]

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