Get the Look: Create Victoria's Secret Mega-Sexy Hair in 5 Simple Steps

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is set to air on December 9, 2014 and in preparation of the event, Global Artistic Director of ProRitual Hair Care and the Marilyn Brush, Terrence Renk, is sharing his tips on how to get Victoria's Secret Angel-approved, mega-sexy hair in five easy steps. See the steps below!

1. Says Renk, "After cleansing, prep hair with a leave-in product to add moisture and close the hair cuticle. I recommend ProRituals ColorFuel pH 4.5-5.5. Then add a small amount of setting product like ProRituals Volume and Texture Foam.

2. "Blow-dry hair in small sections with a round brush like Marilyn Brush's Jeli Ceramica Deluxe to maintain fullness and lift. While rolling section with round brush, apply a coating of ProRituals Mega Hold Hairspray then transfer hair while it is still warm on to a 1 1/2 or 2-inch velcro roller. Hold hair high when rolling on to velcro to give added lift. Tip: For hair that is difficult to hold curl, use a 2-inch curling iron after round-brushing and transfer curls to velcro rollers.

3. "Once you have completed these sections from bottom to top of the hair, spritz hair still in rollers with ProRituals Mega Hold for added support.

4. "Let hair cool, then remove rollers and brush gently with a finishing brush the Marilyn New Yorker 'downtown' and  flip head upside down and brush underside.

5. "While head is upright, use your Marilyn New Yorker 'downtown' brush to add a bit of back-combing by lifting sections of hair straight to add extra lift at root, then move hair into place with brush, hands or a simple shake of the head. Finish with a final spray finish of Mega Hold for for a mega-sexy look."

[Image: Kevin Kane via Getty Images

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