Holiday Hairstyles: Day-To-Night Chic by Lea Journo

The month of December brings with it countless holiday party invites. To help your client go easily from work to play, celebrity hairstylist and owner of Lea Journo Salon in Beverly Hills, CA shares a quick and easy, effortlessly chic hairstyle. Share these steps with on-the-go clients, or create the look for those guests with more time to spare!

Get the Look:
1. Spray hair with dry shampoo to remove grease and add grip.

2. Using a flat brush, tease 3 separate sections on top of the head (section should be the distance between each eyebrow arch).

3. Brush hair back, smoothing over the top of the head.

4. Spray a sea salt spray to texturize and piece out the hair.

5. Finish the look with hairspray, and sleek down the sides with a brush.

TIP: For clients who know they will be headed straight from the office to post-work holiday parties, advise them to keep the following products on-hand: dry shampoo, flat brush, sea salt spray and hairspray. This way, they'll be ready for any festive event!

[Image courtesy of Love PR] 

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