Beauty News: Global Beauty Masters TV Series Debuting December 2nd

Coined as the "World Cup of Beauty," the ultimate style-on-steroids hair, makeup, nail art and fashion beauty competition, the Battle of the Strands — Global Beauty Masters TV series will hit the airwaves for the first time ever, premiering on the popular cable network, Discovery Fit & Health on December 2nd at 5pm.

Viewers will get an opportunity to watch beauty teams glam-off and have their artistry, as well as their stamina, tested in everything from water adventures to a tribal dance as the teams made up of hair stylists, nail technicians, stylists and makeup artists compete for the title of Global Beauty Masters. They are pushed beyond their limits in six elimination challenges to determine the very best. The four-week TV series is jam-packed with glamor, drama, and awe-inspiring images with Las Vegas as the finale backdrop.

Global Beauty Masters is America’s Next Top Model meets Project Runway meets Face Off,” says celebrity hair connoisseur Farouk Shami-Founder of Farouk Systems, Inc. and guest mentor on the show. “It’s fascinating to watch these groups of diverse artists, who have such passion for beauty, showcase their talent and skill while incorporating their different styles, cultural perspectives and techniques. The audience will be able to witness first hand a total transformation right before their eyes.”

The teams were selected from renowned hair salons and beauty schools around the world. Using breakthrough techniques, contestant showed off their abilities in front of guest celebrity judges including Krista White, from Cycle 14 of America’s Next Top Model. Award-winning hair designer, Amy Michleb, also the National Director of Hair Color at Elizabeth Arden Red Door, hosts the series. The competing teams are guided by top professionals in the business throughout the competition.

Out of 9 US teams and 8 international teams, the declared winners will not only receive the title of Global Beauty Masters, but will also receive $100,000 in cash and prizes.

Edward Sylvan of Sycamore Entertainment Group, Inc. (SEGI) and Global Beauty Masters’ Co- Executive Producer added, “This is by far one of the most exciting beauty contest ever seen on TV. The dedication to style these teams display have no bounds; for the lover of all things beautiful and fashionable, this is it. I am thrilled to be a part of this project.”

[Image: Getty Images]

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