The Freeflow Hair Color Collection by Pasquale Caselle

The Freeflow Hair Color Collection, presented by IT&LY Hairfashion, N.A. International Editorial and Media Creative Director Pasquale Caselle, features a more elegant and sophisticated sun kissed touch focusing on the elegant facial structure and exotic eyes prevalent on the beaches of Rio and the fast moving sidewalks of New York City models. Their fashion forward counterparts comfortably reveal the newest trends as they effortlessly exit their taxis and private cars from Madison Avenue to The Fashion District. The key to the Pasquale’s technique is a look that is so natural creating a beautiful memorable style without upstaging the wearer as “that girl with that hair”. This look literally takes us back to the height of Hollywood, Italian and French hair design. This was a time where one could only see the exceptional sensuality and power of the understated. Yet an unforgettable look would seem to awake needing to add nothing more than a quick shower and smile.

While Pasquale will be the first to admit that “a pretty model is always a great start,” he will specify by saying that “pretty is in the eyes, the laugh and the self-confidence”. Beyond that “pretty is as pretty does” as long as Pasquale can get a warm and genuine smile. That’s where the formulation, color and shaping really begins…that’s where every great sculpture begins. The shape reveals itself in a moment – if you catch it, you can then set it free.

The great thing about this and most of Pasquale’s exceptional techniques with IT&LY HAIRFASHION NA is that most do not require “change”…they invite it, so it evolves naturally.

Pasquale has an eye for total beauty, beyond complexion or looks that seems so removed from the classic and contemporary classic looks that most artists repeat and recycle as if they will receive extra credit for creating the same look and the same show and referring to it as continuity. There is no greatness in creating “looks” that salons and their clients simply cannot afford to wear. The fact is that many of those looks are “camera-ready but by no means able to last more than 5 minutes on the street.”

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Freeflow Slices - IT&LY’s Easily Blonde lightening powder mixed with 20 Oxily volume developer along with another mixture of Easily Blonde mixed with 30 volume Oxily developer

Roots and Blending – IT&LY’s 6N and 6B Aquarl&y (equal parts) mixed with 20 volume developer

The Technique:

Step 1
Using Pasquale’s Freeflow technique, create various sized and random slices using a tail comb and starting at the top of the head. The slices are done at a 45 degree angle using the models middle part and ear as a guide.

Step 2
Begin by concentrating more slices with the 30 volume mixture at the top of the head.

Step 3
Once the top is finished, switch to the 20 volume mixture creating smaller slices that are widely spaced apart for the remainder so the highlights peek out from the underneath.

Step 4
While all the slices are completed, take the Aquarl&y 6N and 6B mixture and apply to the root area all over the head. Then paint through pieces randomly all over, concentrating on larger painted color pieces at the back of the head.

Step 5
After about 30 minutes when the slices have tuned a pale yellow, remove the slices, slightly rinse the hair at the sink to get as much of the Easily Blonde from the hair shaft without disturbing the root color.

Step 6

Spray the hair with IT&LY’s Equalizer to ensure even porosity. Then work leftover color all over the hair as a toner, adding water to achieve better saturation. Leave on for about 5 minutes.

Step 7

Wash the hair with IT&LY’s Purity Design Shampoo and Condition. After gently towel drying, mist the hair with IT&LY’s Plusonda.

To Style:

To begin, spray IT&LY’s 2 Phase Hydrashine Leave in Conditioner misting it throughout the hair and concentrating on the ends. Work a bit of IT&LY’s Thermoflat through the hair prior to drying. When blow drying, remove as much moisture as possible first then with a large paddle brush smooth and straighten the hair dry. Since the model’s hair had a smooth texture to it, a flat iron was not necessary as the Theromflat provides that ultra sleek frizz-free finish. Next, apply a few drops of IT&LY’s Pure Water Drops and work through the hair, finish with IT&LY’s Pure Definition Hair Spray for a soft flexible “memory” hold.

Hair by: Pasquale Caselle
Makeup by: Linda Caselle
Photographer: Taylor Lewis of Taylor Lewis Photography

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