Holiday Hair How To: The Crimped Up-Do by Sonna Brado

KMS California Artistic Director Sonna Brado created this unique up-do hairstyle that's perfect for all of your client's holiday parties this season. Simultaneously fun and sophisticated, the look involves crimping to build interesting texture and volume. Brado shares the steps to recreate the look below:

Get the Look:

1. Begin by dividing the hair into two high ponytails using a diagonal parting from left to right across the head, secure with elastics. Spray with KMS California HAIRPLAY dry wax into the hair to prepare for ironing.

2. Crimp the ponytails to create volume and texture.

3. Use KMS California HAIRPLAY design wax around the hairline to control any fly-aways.

4. Brush through the crimping to expand hair and then divide each pony tail into two equal sections and place in hairnets.

5. Mold the sections into desired shape, keeping in mind that C and S shaped curvatures will always be the most flattering. Secure with pins.

[Images courtesy of Tractenberg & Co.]

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