4 Tips for Sexy New Year's Eve Party Hair

Almost every girl desires to have sexy New Year's Eve party hair. You don't need tons of primping time to create that foxy hair your client always wanted. Celebrity stylist David Antunes shares tips and tricks to achieve dazzling holiday hair:

1) Sexy New Year's Eve Party Hair Should Have Movement and Bounce!

Avoid using any products that will weigh down the hair. Be careful with smoothing balms and oils which have a tendency to flatten hair and decrease the volume. Flat and “volumeless” hair not sexy. Instead use a volumizing spray to your roots before drying your hair.
2) Keep Your Style Simple, Don't Go for Anything crazy!

Remember, your fun and sexy New Year's hair doesn't have to look perfectly styled! If every hair is in place, you've probably over-styled and crossed the line from sexy to stiff. Flip your head over and blow-dry your hair. This trick will add significant amount of volume to hair. Also, make sure to always blow-dry in the direction of the cuticle to seal it and add more shine.

3) Create Tousled, Slightly Messy, Sexy and Free-Moving Holiday Hair!

Hairspray is your friend but only if you use it right. Instead of applying hairspray from the top, turn your head upside down and then, spray your hair. Count to 10 (You need to let the hairspray dry.) and then style hair as usual. This simple trick can help add significantly more volume to the hair.
4)  Make New Year's Eve Hair Stay Sexy and Beautiful Even on Time Crunch

Your client can make the most of her last blowout with this simple trick: Using a dry shampoo in between hair washes will get rid of the greasy feel and add more volume to hair.

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