Halloween How To: Spooky Skull Makeup by Mariel Guay

Makeup artist at DePasquale the Spa, Mariel Guay, used beautyADDICTS products to create this show-stopping skull look, just in time for Halloween! Get the how-to for recreating the look for a client (or yourself!), below.

Prep: First you need to start by analyzing the actual shape of the face, knowing that the natural indentations of the bone structure are going to be the areas where shadow will be added as a highlight or as a contour. When beginning, keep in mind that light will naturally bring the highest shapes on the face forward and darkness will push the natural indentations of the face backward to give the illusion that the face is more shapely than it may actually be.

Step 1: Begin by applying foundation to only half of the face, adding beautyADDICTS DoubleDECEPTION concealer under the eyes where necessary. Proceed to set the face with the beautyADDICTS FlawlessCOVER matte setting powder, apply generously with the beautyADDICTS Pro Face Brush.

Step 2: Highlight the highest parts of the face with a light/cream tone eye shadow. Place product on the top of the cheekbone, along the widest part of the jaw, center of the chin, above the brow, center part of the nose, and blend. Next contour the most indented parts of the face - the lowest indentation of the cheekbone, the temple, the innermost area of the eye socket, underneath the jaw, and along the hairline, and blend. Gently dust the apple of the cheek with one of your favorite beautyADDICTS SleekCHEEKS blush colors.

Step 3: Accentuate the natural eyebrow by giving the brow an extreme arch, and fill in with a gel brow color. Using the SolutionEYES in the Express palette, apply the champagne eye shadow to the entire eyelid. Use a jet black liquid liner to create a winged out liner, draw in towards the tear duct, and then out towards the outer corner of the eye and extend. Use the black eye shadow from the SolutionEYES Seduce palette to blend under the bottom lash line for a smoldering dramatic eye, and finish with multiple coats of beatuyADDICTS showOFF mascara. Outline the natural shape of the lips with BeautyADDICTS Sinful true red lip liner only half way across on both the top and bottom lip, and fill in entirely.

Step 4: Start by lightly sketching the shape of the skull. You will want to outline the shape of the eye socket, temple, mouth, teeth, and the cheek bone with the beautyADDICTS EffortlessEYES in Seduce jet black liner. Take your white cream face paint and apply to the areas of the skull that will remain white. Then blend to the edge of the black pencil. Apply your black cream face paint inside the areas that have previously been traced.

Step 5: Reinforce around the eye area with EffortlessEYES Seduce black pencil so there will not be any skin showing. Set both the black and white cream face paint with black and white eye shadow from the beautyADDICTS SolutionEYES Seduce palette. Pro Tip: set the white first, and gently hold a tissue over the white areas when setting the black. This will avoid additional cleanup at the end. With the beautyADDICTS pro Eye Blender Brush, gently blend/smooth the lines between the black and white to create a thin layer of grey, which will add dimension to the skull. Be sure to shape the teeth on the outside of the mouth with EffortlessEYES Seduce black pencil and reinforce with your white eye shadow. Also, you can use the EffortlessEYES Seduce black liner to add small details to the shape of the skull to create cracks and dimension. Finish this look by applying the showOFF mascara for the perfect finishing touch.

[Images courtesy of Y Communications]

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