Rapturous Raspberry Technique

There’s nothing quite like getting to work on a never been colored virgin model… a completely blank canvas with limitless options!  

The best part of Lisa’s makeover is that she gets to witness not only the color transformation but the powerful revitalizing effects of AGEbeautiful’s Anti-Aging Hair Color.  This is not your Mom’s hair color.  This is hair color that will make your hair feel and look better than before it was even colored.   Thanks to patented conditioning technology, Lisa’s hair become softer, more manageable, shinier and had massive volume.  Now that’s a remarkable result!



Single Process

Here’s What You Need:
2oz 6N AGEbeautiful Permanent Hair Color
2oz 6RB AGEbeautiful Permanent Hair Color
2oz 7RC AGEbeautiful Permanent Hair Color
Large 20Volume AGEbeautiful Permanent Hair Color

Formula One
1 1/2oz 6N AGEbeautiful Permanent
1/2oz 6RB AGEbeautiful Permanent

2oz 20Volume 20 Volume AGEbeautiful Developer

Formula Two
1 1/2oz 6RB AGEbeautiful Permanent
1/2oz 7RC AGEbeautiful Permanent

2oz 20Volume AGEbeautiful Developer

Formula Three
1oz 7RC AGEbeautiful Permanent
1oz 20Volume AGEbeautiful Developer

1. Apply Formula One to the root area only.
2. Apply Formula Two to the mid lengths of the hair, avoiding bringing down to the last two inches of the hair shaft.
3. Apply Formula Three to the ends of the hair.
4. Allow to process for 45 minutes.
5. Rinse until the water runs completely clear, shampoo and condition.

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