Create Two Pop Punk Rocks Hairstyles: The Fiery Lob and The Fauxhawk

Lisa Lobosco, Creative Director of New York Streets, shares the details on how to create two punk inspired hair looks that are easy to tone down for everyday styles for your clients. Or with Halloween just around the corner help your client go full 80's with neon and punk inspired hair.

Lisa Lobosco, Creative Director of New York Streets explains how to get the looks:

the finest hair. Work through curly hair for beautiful, bouncy curls without frizz. Lisa uses New York Streets Volume Foam.

2. Blow dry hair with a paddle brush.

3. Tease base of hair all over and create separation using your fingertips.

4. Set this style with a hard hold hairspray. Lisa uses New York Streets Hairspray for strong hold and subtle shine.

Tip: Twist and pin the side up and secure with bobby pins to take this look from day to night.

and provides non-flaking, mega hold.

4. Rub the necessary amount of gel on your hands. With clients heads upside down, pull hair downward to create textured spikes. Try New York Streets Xtreme Gel, a super-hard holding gel that dries fast and doesn't flake.

[Top Image: Getty Images/ Hulton Archive/ Bottom image courtesy of Y Public Relations]

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