Paris Fashion Week: Backstage at Haider Ackermann with Wella Professionals

At the Haider Ackermann S/S’15 Paris Fashion Week show, the hair combined glacial blonde color with a modern cut, showing a refined, contemporary look. “This look is something beautiful and elegant, but in an unusual, unexpected way," said Eugene Souleiman, Global Creative Director of Care and Styling for Wella Professionals. "We used icy, white blonde color to create a classic, choir-boy inspired haircut. You can still see the model’s natural hairline displayed underneath, almost like an undercut, creating contrast between something natural and something strange. The multiple layers to the style make it captivating."
The single focus of the pure white hair color resulted in an iconic, surreal blonde effect. “The idea behind the color is that it would lift and illuminate each model," said Josh Wood, Global Creative Director of Color for Wella Professionals. "The de-saturated blonde color created for the wigs complimented Haider Ackermann’s collection, which is muted and tonal. This look takes the concept of minimal to a whole new level where the severity of the cut is further accentuated by the depigmentation of the color."  

Get the Look: Color
1. Depending on the starting level of the wigs, determine whether to use Wella Professionals Blondor Multi-Blonde Powder or Wella Professionals Blondor Soft Blonde Cream to lift the color.

2. The wigs were colored with Wella Professionals ILLUMINA Color shade 10/69 using Wella Professionals Koleston Perfect Crème Developer 20 Volume (6%) to neutralize the color.

3. Once the wig has been colored, wash and condition using Wella Professionals Brilliance Shampoo and Conditioner.
Get the Look: Style
1. Prepare the models’ hair for the wig by sectioning hair into circular thirds, tying the center third into a tight ponytail at the crown and clip to one side.

2. Next, wrap the middle section tightly around the head, using Wella Professionals Stay Essential Finishing Spray to keep it in place. Repeat with the top section so the hair forms a "skull cap" to keep the hair smooth and flat.

3. Take the bottom third of the hair and spray liberally with hairspray. Pull it tightly over the rest of the hair into a high ponytail and fold the ends so that it lies flat to the head, and fix into place.
Get the Look: Wig
1. Attach the wigs to the models’ hair using double sided tape.

2. Cut and layer sections specific to the models’ bone structure and face shape and so the cut is rough and choppy.

3. Place a hairnet over the wig and spray with Wella Professionals Stay Essential Finishing Spray before blow-drying to keep the hair tightly secured.

4. Leave the hair to set for 30 minutes, and then remove the hair net.

5. Take small sections of hair along the hairline and apply Wella Professionals Stay Essential Finishing Spray to the ends. Rub the hair between your fingers to create texture and, while the hairspray is still wet, arrange pieces so that small sections of the hairline are visible.

[Images courtesy of Devries Global PR]

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