Haircolor How To: Create Dascha Polanco's Stand-Out Strands

The silvery-blue-lavender-grey hair color trend is fast-becoming a staple in Hollywood. Orange is the New Black's Dascha Polanco is among the latest celebs to be seen with beautiful, silver, stand-out strands while out and about in New York City. Below, freelance celebrity stylist Cynthia Alvarez shares how she achieved Dascha’s grey combination color, as well as color after-care from PRAVANA.
Get the Look:
Says Alvarez, "My inspiration for Dascha's hair was the transition of seasons. I wanted to take a color (grey) that was normally associated with the colder months and a color (lavender) that was normally associated with the warmer weather and marry them! A color combination that makes sense in an unexpected way. I personally have been grey for a while now and Dascha liked it so much that she wanted me to personalize the look for her.

"The colors I used were PRAVANA VIVIDS Silver, PRAVANA PASTELS Luscious Lavender and PRAVANA PASTELS Too Cute Coral. I also used a semi-permanent Black to deepen the VIVIDS Silver."

Says Alvarez, "For the creative color, I lifted the hair to a platinum blonde so the colors are the brightest and are as vivid as possible.

"I mixed the tube of VIVIDS Silver + nickel-sized amount of the Black to create a deepened grey shade that would best complement Dascha's caramel skin tone. (If your skin is darker, you can add more of the black so as to get a deeper tone of grey).

"I then applied this color from roots to mid-shaft, right at her chin. I followed with equal parts PASTELS Luscious Lavender + PASTELS Too Cute Coral to the ends, blending the line where the two colors meet with my fingers for a seamless transition.  

"Once the entire head was completed, I allowed it to process for 1 hour."

Note: this was done on extensions as Dascha is wearing a wig.

[Image: Laura Cavanaugh via Getty Images]

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