Hair Tips: Caring for Long Locks

For clients with long locks, proper hair care is especially important. Maintaining long, beautiful hair requires frequent trims and deep conditioning, but often times, long-haired guests don't know the best way to keep their strands looking gorgeous. Advise your clients to follow these tips from Antonio Prieto, celebrity stylist and owner of Antonio Prieto Salon, for long, luscious locks.

1. Clients should nourish their hair once a week with a serum or deep conditioner, starting at the scalp.

2. Applying a lightweight volumizer can help long-haired clients achieve volume without the hair weighing itself down.

3. Clients should wash hair gently, and always use a comb after showering to prevent breakage.

4. Heat-styling is damaging to hair of all lengths, but for those with super long locks, heat and styling tools can be extra damaging. Advise your guests to let their hair air dry as often as possible to avoid excess split ends and damage.

5. Help your client achieve a personalized haircut best suited to her face shape and length. Then, remind her that it's important she return every 6 weeks to trim split ends and maintain the silhouette of her hair.

Long hair can be a handful for clients who don't know how to maintain it, but with these tips, your guest is sure to have long, gorgeous, healthy locks!

[Image courtesy of d2 Publicity]

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