Naturally Curly Tips from Geneva Cowen, Artistic Director for Sam Villa

Not all naturally textured hair is created equally, Geneva Cowen, Artistic Director for Sam Villa, says 25% of her guests have naturally curly hair.  “Very naturally curly hair is represented in every ethnic group - I have natural red heads, blondes and ethnic guests with similar curl and all different textures and needs,” she explains.

Cowen advises to access each guest’s curl pattern carefully to best treat the texture. In the naturally curly hair category, every guest is unique in his or her needs. Naturally curly hair can also have different curl patterns throughout the head and the strand, so take extra time to assess the curl pattern before cutting. For guests with drastic inconsistencies, consider spot treating the shape to expand or decrease problem areas. When it comes to styling naturally curly hair, follow these tips:
o    Use fingers to lift hair off the scalp with head tilted back to promote natural curl to lay off the scalp
o    Use a microfiber towel or T-shirt to take excess water out of hair and keep cuticle compact – a regular towel has nubs that promote frizz
o    Apply product to wet hair to define curls – try rubbing Redken satinwear 02 in hands and apply to calm the cuticle and add smoothness
o    Air dry or use a diffuser on high heat with low air

 “The diffuser on my Sam Villa Professional Ionic Blow Dryer is my best friend when it comes to naturally curly hair. When diffusing curly hair, focus on one area of your shape until it is dry and then move to the next area. This decreases uneven drying and will keep your curls from being frizzy,” explains Cowen.
“I call naturally curly guests “street talkers,” because if they look good, everywhere they go people say, “I LOVE YOUR HAIR…who does it?” and that’s free advertising for the stylist,” adds Cowen.

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