NYFW Get the Look: Effortless Hair at Harare by Adam Livermore

“The Harare girl is young, chic and breezy and appreciates interesting textures,” explained Adam Livermore, Oribe Hair Care Educator and Key Hairstylist for designer Caroline Fuss’ Spring/Summer 2015 collection. These textures were apparent in the clothing’s tassel and fringe trims and macramé details. Livermore highlighted Harare’s fuss-free attitude with a cool, air-dried hairstyle that’s “chic and easy but interesting.”
Get the Look:
1. On clean dry hair, generously apply Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray section by section from the roots of the hair to the ends. “This helps the hair air-dry into a ropey texture rather than a soft one,” noted Livermore.

2. Fully saturate the hair with Oribe Foundation Mist from roots to ends.

3. Smooth the hair down into a low bun. Before show time, undo the bun to reveal partially air-dried and wet hair.

[Images courtesy of Luxury Brand Partners]


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