NYFW Get the Look: Backstage with Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) took New York Fashion Week by storm this year, creating fun, edgy, and classic looks for numerous designers. See some of the gorgeous makeup and nail looks below!

OCC at Erin Fetherston

Créme Colour Concentrate on cheeks to create a soft rosy flush, as well as ‘PRIS’ Lip Tar: Metallic as a highlight. On eyes, she applied ‘PENNYROYAL’, ‘TARRED’, ‘FEATHERED’ Cosmetic Colour Pencils, and ‘DUNE’ Stained Gloss for a subtly sexy look, and finished with ‘LAMENT’ Lip Tar: Matte, and Lip Tar: Primer on models' lips.

y Tichman was inspired by HBO's Game of Thrones when creating the makeup for Laurel Dewitt's Spring/Summer 2015 presentation at New York Fashion Week. According to Tichman, the look features "metallic eyes suitable for a Khalessi."

On model's skin, Tichman used OCC Skin: Conceal, and ‘GRANDMA’ Créme Colour Concentrate and ‘TWIRL’ Loose Colour Concentrate LIPS: ‘DELIRIUM’ Stained Gloss on cheeks. She applied ‘DISCIPLINE’ Créme Colour Concentrate, ‘SMOTE’ Loose Colour Concentrate, ‘SYBIL’ Cosmetic Colour Pencil, and ‘TARRED’ Cosmetic Colour Pencil to eyes, then finished the makeup look with ‘DELIRIUM’ Stained Gloss on lips.

Nails were painted with ‘AUTOMATON’, ‘RIPLEY’, and ‘ARSENIC’ Nail Lacquers for a bold, metallic finish.

e inspiration behind the fresh-faced looks as “Clean skin with ‘Lament’ on the lips and cheeks and Lip Tar Primer through the brows. Spring, undone.”

To get the look, she used OCC's OCC Skin: Conceal on skin, ‘LAMENT’ Lip Tar: Matte on cheeks, ‘TRICK’ Créme Colour Concentrate and Lip Tar: Primer on eyes, Lip Tar: Primer on brows and ‘LAMENT’ Lip Tar: Matte on lips.

Nails were painted with ‘STUD’ Nail Lacquer (available summer 2015), ‘AUTOMATON’ Nail Lacquer or ‘SEETHING’ Nail Lacquer with ‘FLATLINE’ Ultra-Matte Top Coat.

ur that was inspired by "cool girls inspired by the sexy, carefree vibe of Tahiti."

To get the tropical look, Tichman used OCC's EMPEROR’S NEW CLOTHES (available summer 2015), and OCC Skin: Conceal on skin to create a fresh, dewy look. On models' cheeks, she used ‘BETA-MAX’ Lip Tar: Metallic (available summer 2015) to create the look of coming in from a day spent out in the sun. Brows were filled in with ‘SYBIL’ Cosmetic Colour Pencil for a bold look, while ‘STUD’ & ‘POSEUR’ Lip Tar: Matte (available summer 2015) was applied to lips.

Key nail artist Nichole Allegre used ‘SILENCE’ Nail Lacquer (available spring 2015) & ‘MEIN HERR’ Nail Lacquer on fingers, and ‘PLEASURE MODEL’ Nail Lacquer & ‘FLATLINE’ Ultra-Matte Top Coat on toes to complete the look.

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