NYFW Get the Look: Urban Men's Styles at Jack Spade by Thom Priano

For the Jack Spade Spring/Summer 2015 collection, Design Director Todd Magill took a more modern approach than in previous years and found inspiration in men in big cities and that moment of transition when they're running from the office to the gym or out to meet friends. "These are the clothes the guy in an urban environment needs," Magill explained. "I've been calling it 'urban utility.'" To complement the collection, Magill and stylist Deborah Watson worked with R+Co's Thom Priano to craft a look that was modern and groomed but still classic and relaxed. “The Jack Spade guy isn’t fussy,” noted Watson. “He wants to just wake up and go—and R+Co products allow him to do that.”

Thom worked with each model to enhance his natural hair look. "The guys had all different lengths and textures, and we wanted them to look individual," Thom said. "But there's a common feel so that they all look like they belong together. The hair is summery, fresh and slightly groomed."

Get the Look:  
1. Start with ONE Prep Spray to equalize the porosity and dampen the hair.

2. Apply JACKPOT Styling Crème to set the hair in place with your fingers and a wide tooth comb. Let hair dry naturally.

3. Once hair is dry, brush through it again with your fingers or a comb.

4. Rake CONTINENTAL Glossing Wax or CONFORMIST Hair Paste (depending on the hair length and type) through the hair to break it up.

5. Finish with a light misting of OUTER SPACE Flexible Hairspray to keep the hair in place.

[Images courtesy of Luxury Brand Partners]

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