NYFW Get the Look: Mod Barbie at JEROME by Albert Luiz

Designer Jérôme LaMaar presented the 5:31 JÉRÔME Spring/Summer 2015 Collection with hair by CHI Hair Care at New York Fashion Week. As a trend forecaster for over 7 years, Jérôme is focused on building 5:31 JÉRÔME into a wearable, intelligent and sexy collection. CHI’s lead hairstylist Albert Luiz created a “Perfect Mod Barbie" feel, creating a classic look with more wave and flip to emphasize confidence. Said Luiz, “Clients today no longer want the stick straight hair. Instead they want waves, bent ends or styles with a bump to the bottom.

"To achieve this look in a salon, the first thing is to protect the hair with CHI 44 Iron Guard as it is essential for all hair types. Next, make clean sections and take your time curling the hair. Clients today expect their hair to last at least a day or two.”

Get the Look:
Albert Luiz combined both long and short hair. The theme throughout his styles was creating a flip. For longer hair, this flip is seen toward the mid to end sections while with shorter hair the fringe area was used.

1. Begin by dividing the hair into three sections. The first two sections are created by parting hair behind the ear and bringing hair located in front of the part forward on both sides. The remaining hair in the back creates the third section.

2. Starting with the back section, use the DURA CHI Professional Dryer and ceramic round brush to create soft waves. To do this, dry the hair starting at the root and moving down to the ends to dry. Once dry, wrap 1 1/2 inch sections of hair (ribbon style) around the brush twirling to achieve waves. Continue until you reach the top of the head.

3. For the front sections of the hair, create a center part. Taking 1 1/2 inch sections, spray each with CHI 44 Iron Guard for hold and blow dry using a round brush and the DURA CHI Professional Dryer for smoothness and bend.

4. While drying the top half of the head, place the ceramic round brush on top of the hair and glide down while drying to create ultra-smooth hair at the root area and top surface.

5. From the mid-shaft down, take the ceramic round brush and place it on the underside of the hair while creating tension. This will smooth the hair while maintaining a hint of body.

6. Next, roll the hair around the ceramic brush in a backward motion to create a soft and flipped direction around the face.

7. Next, use the DURA CHI Professional Curling Iron and create barrel curls just at the ends by wrapping the hair two times around. Set hair at the ends with pins and let cool.

8. After the curls have cooled, release the pins and create a multidirectional placement of the curls using your fingers and CHI 44 Iron Guard Style and Stay Firm Hold Protecting Spray.

9. Brush hair out into a complete flip with a bristle brush.

10. To finish, apply CHI Shine Infusion over the surface of the hair for added polish.

[Images courtesy of Janice McCafferty Communications, Inc.]

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