NYFW Get the Look: 50s-Inspired Looks at Perry Ellis

Perry Ellis recently presented the Spring/Summer 2015 Collection, presented by CHI Hair Care. From the day he launched his first line in 1976, Perry Ellis made fashion meaningful simply by not taking it so seriously. This year's themed collection, according to the company’s Creative Director Michael Maccari, is an Active Wear Trend, comprised of active silhouettes with active wear fabrics.

This collection inspired lead hairstylist Rutger to create the “Done/Undone" look to convey a 50’s guy with a cool, sporty and active attitude. To create this easy going yet raw look, hair was neatly groomed around the edges with square tapered sides and messy tops. Rutger used a T-Shirt bandana tied down across the head to keep hair down and away from the face until show time to achieve the disheveled top. Says Rutger, “My inspiration was to create a 50’s guy with a cool, sporty and active attitude. This 'Done/Undone' look gives men today that edgy raw look combined with well-groomed lines.”

Get the Look:
1. On dry hair, start by trimming the sides into a more tapered finish leaving length in the crown area. The cut is key - Rutger used a DUR CHI Professional Clipper to achieve precision results.

2. After the hair was trimmed, Rutger applied CHI Matt Wax through the hair for a “very light” look. To create lift and bend to the ends, he used his fingers to separate and define the natural wave or curl in the hair while blow-drying the hair with the DURA CHI Professional Dryer. To keep the tapered sides in place, he used the left over product on his hands to sleek down the sides and edges.

3. Next, he wrapped a T-shirt bandana down across the head to keep hair down and away from the face. The lightness of the T-shirt material allows the scalp and hair to breathe while not being too heavy or completely weighing the hair down. “The T-shirt bandana allows you to create the rawness I was looking for. Your fingers serve as great styling tools to not only lift, bend and define but to help maintain the desired texture," says Rutger.

4. To finish, he applied CHI 44 Style and Stay for hold and fingered through the hair. He then refreshed the hair with the CHI G2 Ceramic & Titanium Hairstyling Iron to create extra shape.

[Images courtesy of Janice McCafferty Communications]

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